First responders face a variety of hazards. Knowing where crews are can have an important impact on making sure that responders get home safely. Many cutting-edge technologies, including fire accountability software, are helping improve responder safety. Here, we’ll touch on a few of these technologies specifically designed around accountability and consider the impact they’re having on fire operations.

View Crew Location

One of the main responsibilities of company officers and commanders at an incident is to keep track of their crews and their assignments.

In the past, accountability was often tracked by using whiteboards, magnets, tags, passport systems, or other low-tech options. But now, many agencies are using fire accountability software to track crew location. One benefit of these digital systems is their ability to monitor real-time changes and see exactly where everyone is.

A variety of different vendors are creating technology to pinpoint a person’s location in a burning building. Devices with embedded location tracking help incident commanders view responders’ exact location, even when conditions are less than ideal.

Fire Accountability Software

These products are designed  to help commanders perform roll calls and locate first responders in the event of a Mayday or other distress call.

Know Who is On-Scene

Several new accountability tools integrate with leading staffing software for even greater accuracy. With these partnerships, officers can view exactly who is scheduled to work that shift, which apparatus they are on, their role and qualifications, and other key information.

This eliminates a main issue with traditional accountability strategies – that officers may not know how many are on scene and who they are.

For instance, Adashi’s own incident command software contains a built-in personnel accountability report (PAR). This is designed to make it even easier for incident command to perform PAR checks and record the last known location of their crew members.

Using this fire accountability software, commanders can view which apparatus are on scene, who is assigned to each apparatus, and even what tasks and responsibilities they are charged with. The system also automatically prompts command to perform a PAR check at designated intervals throughout an incident.

Track Vitals

Another way that fire accountability software aims to improve safety is by tracking various health measurements and firefighter vital signs. Many futuristic technologies aim to combine wearable technology with accountability software to take accountability to the next level.

The goal of this tech is to track responders’ vital signs and learn about potential health issues before they occur. To decrease the number of line-of-duty-deaths caused by medical emergencies, some accountability products are inputting sensors directly into firefighter gear.

Fire Accountability Software

These can be designed to monitor gear temperature, heartbeat, respiration, and other key statistics. Some vendors are also aiming to integrate accountability software with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) to monitor when air quality gets low.

Considering that the highest cause of firefighter deaths comes from heart attacks, this technology has the capability to make a big impact on line of duty deaths. With these innovative technologies in place, the goal is to prevent medical emergencies before they happen.

Ultimately, no one piece of technology will be able to protect firefighters from common hazards they face on the job. However, strides in accountability technology are making a significant impact. As technology continues to improve, we expect that these advances will only increase as well. To learn more about Adashi’s incident command software and built-in accountability tools, please contact us directly or request a free demonstration.

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