Frequently Asked Questions2018-06-05T15:12:34-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Adashi Software Questions Answered

Check out Adashi’s software FAQs, and feel free to reach out to us with any specific inquiries not covered below.

General FAQs

What IT infrastructure does Adashi require?2018-06-05T14:45:12-04:00

Adashi RollCall and Adashi LiveView are web-based solutions that can be accessed from any browser on an Internet-enabled device. These products do not require additional hardware or other components.

Adashi FirstResponse MDT and Adashi C&C require a few additional components:  a tablet, computer, or tough book running a MS Windows operating system and a communication device such as a cell card (for access to online weather data and the Adashi Server).

Adashi FirstResponse MDT also requires a GPS receiver for routing and AVL tracking.

Does Adashi sell hardware such as laptops, satellite GPS trackers, sensors or cell cards?2018-05-29T10:04:40-04:00

Adashi lets you choose your hardware. Our program will integrate with your optimal choices for laptops, tablets, pads, sensors etc.

Does Adashi run on iPads and Android devices?2018-06-05T14:55:33-04:00

Adashi RollCall and Adashi LiveView require no additional hardware and can be used on all operating systems and browsers. Adashi RollCall also has a mobile application available for download for iOS and Android devices.

Adashi FirstResponse MDT and Adashi C&C require a computer or tablet with a Microsoft Windows operating system, such as a Microsoft Surface. At this time, our response and command products do not run on iPads or Android operating systems, but releases on those platforms are being planned.

Will Adashi work with touchscreen computers? Will it work with keyboard and mouse? What functionality is best supported and realistic for field use?2018-05-29T10:02:25-04:00

Yes, all four Adashi products can be used on either a touchscreen or keyboard and mouse set up. The interface of our programs is designed for everyday use as well as worst case scenarios.

Our incident response and command products specifically were designed to function easily via touchscreens for rugged field use, such as bouncing around in a truck. Touchscreen laptops, tough books, and tablets can be used to run Adashi C&C and Adashi FirstResponseMDT.

Can I move Adashi to a new computer?2018-06-08T09:34:32-04:00

Adashi RollCall and Adashi LiveView can be accessed from any computer – simply log in using your credentials.

The process for Adashi FirstResponse MDT and Adashi C&C is slightly different. Please see below for step-by-step instructions on moving these systems to new computers.

Run “ADASHI Registration” on the OLD computer and select the “Transfer Out Authorization” option.  This will prompt the user to set a name and password associated with this license transfer.  (Remember these as they will be required to transfer back in the license authorization on the new computer.)  Press the “Upload License” button.  After a few moments, you should see a dialog window with the message “License has been uploaded for transfer.”

Run “ADASHI Registration” on the NEW computer and select the “Transfer in Authorization” option.  This will prompt the user for the name and password you selected in Step 1. Once entered, press the “Download License” button.  After a few moments, you should see a dialog windows with the message “AUTHORIZATION OK”.  Press the OK button and Close button on the Adashi Registration windows and open the Adashi client to insure the process completed successfully.

Feel free to contact our technical support at 1-877-563-9980 ext. 3 with any issues.

What happens if the Adashi software loses internet connectivity in the field?2018-06-05T15:10:39-04:00

Adashi’s response and incident command products are designed to provide you the information you need, regardless of Internet connectivity. Unlike some of our competitors, these two products are not cloud-based. Instead, data is stored on the local system.

If the internet goes down, all the mapping and navigation features continue to function perfectly. Commanders and firefighters can still access pre-plans, databases, guidance, checklists, marked points of interest, fire hydrant data, and reports with complete functionality.

Incident information from dispatch and real-time weather will be accurate up to the last moment of internet access, and you can choose which weather source you trust most. You can also setup and use a mobile weather station without internet.

On the Adashi C&C product, commanders will still be able to draft annotations on maps, pre-plans, and photos of the incidents and drag-and-drop resources to assignments and locations. However, field personnel will not receive that data until internet comes online. Similarly, the incident commander can still draft and save their Incident Action Plan but sharing this document will require internet access.

If a user sets up a local server (at the scene, for example) all communication will feed off that hub and they will have full AVL and command functionality.

Product Integrations

Can Adashi’s products interface with my dispatch provider or Computer Automated Dispatch (CAD) System?2018-05-29T09:59:27-04:00

Adashi’s incident response and command products can interface one-way with most leading CAD providers. For most dispatch systems, the Adashi server simply receives dispatches and other messages from the CAD system and does not send anything back to CAD. For two-way connections and other specific questions, please consult us directly at info@www.adashi.com.

Will Adashi integrate with my Records Management System (RMS)?2018-05-29T09:59:07-04:00

Adashi interfaces with most leading public safety records management systems, including ESO Solutions, ImageTrend, and Zoll to name a few. Please contact us at info@www.adashi.com to learn more about other supported RMS integrations or ask questions about a specific RMS provider.

Does Adashi provide Automatic Vehicle Location data so that I can track members of my team, vehicles, and resources?2018-05-29T09:58:31-04:00

Yes, Adashi’s incident response, incident command, and live incident mapping software can display AVL data for all dispatched units. GPS units are not included in the Adashi software package, but departments can purchase either wired or Bluetooth GPS units to connect with Adashi’s software.

Can Adashi be used with GPS X or MET station Y?2018-05-29T09:58:05-04:00

Adashi can be used with any GPS with data in NMEA format over a COM port. Adashi can be used with any MET station as long as the data is in ALOHA format over a COM port.

Adashi C&C Specific Questions

Can commanders using Adashi C&C draw or annotate on non-GIS maps or PDFs?2018-06-08T09:34:59-04:00

Yes, commanders can annotate onto GIS-maps, non-GIS maps, any PDFs stored in your records management system, and photos of the incident taken at the scene. Commanders can also make annotations and assignments on our electronic whiteboard if they prefer a more traditional command board interface.

Can Adashi C&C display video feeds?2018-06-08T09:42:47-04:00

Yes, Adashi C&C integrates with sensors, cameras, and video feeds. We can display and monitor video data through partnerships with MSA, Safe Environment Engineering, and others. When dispatched to a site/intersection that has an active video feed, the Adashi C&C will automatically pull up that video and it will be available in the “Pre-plans” section of your incident command dashboard.

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