9 Questions to Ask When Buying Crew Scheduling Software

When public safety agencies begin researching crew scheduling software, it’s important for them to learn about the specific capabilities of different programs. Otherwise, they might end up with a staff scheduling option that doesn’t meet their department’s full scope of needs. Luckily, crew scheduling software providers generally offer multiple opportunities for department leaders to ask questions and see the product in action. Below are several key questions public safety leaders should always ask when they are buying staffing software [...]

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Overcoming the Hurdles of Fire and Police Software Implementation

To improve your agency’s operations, many industry experts advise departments to implement software. However, implementing these systems can seem costly, complicated, time-consuming, and downright difficult. Below, we’ll discuss some of the common issues that departments face when they begin the process of implementing fire and police software and how you can best overcome these challenges. No One is In Charge Although your Chief may run the department, he/she often doesn’t take the lead role on implementing public safety software. [...]

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What’s New in Firefighter Safety Technology

Firefighting is often a dangerous profession. However, several innovations in firefighter safety technology aim to better protect first responders from the hazards they face on the job. Below, we’ll discuss a few of the methods being used by firefighting departments around the world to improve the health and safety of their staff. Detect Thermal Conditions Firefighters can face a variety of hazardous situations. However, some new technologies are precisely designed to monitor changing conditions. The Department of Homeland Security [...]

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Are Your Emergency Response Systems Ready for a Major Disaster?

When a catastrophic weather event comes to your jurisdiction, is your agency prepared to handle it? Many department leaders would probably say “Yes”, but their emergency response systems may actually be behind the times. Many technological advances now help first responders and crews better handle and contain incidents during a major weather disaster or other catastrophic event. Below, we’ll expand on several of the tech areas agencies across the world are falling short when it comes to large-scale emergencies. [...]

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The Key Benefits of Public Safety Apps

Increasingly, companies are creating mobile applications for the emergency services industry. What benefits can these public safety apps bring to first responders and the general public? Below, we will explore how apps are affecting public safety operations and why they’re growing in popularity. What Are Public Safety Apps? Public safety apps are any computer software program designed to assist emergency responders and other public safety personnel. Currently, there are public safety apps designed for a variety of different uses. [...]

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4 Ways Digital Firefighter Staffing Makes Vacation Management Easier

Firefighting, law enforcement, and other stressful public safety roles often see high levels of burn out. One way to combat this is through appropriate scheduling of vacation time and paid time off (PTO). However, vacation management can be a major burden on the shift officer. Ensuring that the correct number of people and skillsets are scheduled for every shift can be a tiresome and time-consuming process. If the administrator makes even one mistake, then trucks won’t be able to [...]

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Can Technology Affect Incident Command Strategy?

Incident command strategy is a crucial part of managing any emergency. With more agencies adopting electronic incident command boards and other software, how might this technology affect the tactics they use? Here, we’ll explore a few important ways that technology can directly impact the strategies employed by public safety incident commanders (ICs). Real-Time Decision-Making Real-time updates can have a significant effect on incident command strategy. As conditions change at an incident, ICs must be prepared to adapt as needed. [...]

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How Incident Dashboards Affect Situational Awareness and Turn Out

Many public safety departments are implementing incident dashboards to display important information to everyone in the agency. Dashboards are often mounted publicly in the station on a television or computer monitor. This allows responders from all ranks and positions to learn about active incidents. There are many different styles of incident dashboards available, displaying everything from active incident details to real-time weather data. Here, we’ll briefly touch on some of the benefits that incident dashboards can bring to public [...]

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3 Ways Fire Accountability Software Improves Responder Safety

First responders face a variety of hazards. Knowing where crews are can have an important impact on making sure that responders get home safely. Many cutting-edge technologies, including fire accountability software, are helping improve responder safety. Here, we’ll touch on a few of these technologies specifically designed around accountability and consider the impact they’re having on fire operations. View Crew Location One of the main responsibilities of company officers and commanders at an incident is to keep track of [...]

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How High-Tech Are Technologies for First Responders?

While many don’t associate cutting-edge gadgets with the public safety industry, technologies for first responders can be surprisingly complex and high-tech. Although individual departments can be more traditional, many vendors are creating innovative systems to assist with emergency response. Below, we’ll discuss a few pioneering technologies being used by first responders. Virtual Reality Virtual reality is “the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.” Virtual reality, also known as VR, is being used across the public safety [...]

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