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Welcome FH Mobile Response and Command Customers

Adashi FirstResponse MDT for FIREHOUSE Software Mobile
Response Customers

Adashi Systems will take responsibility for the FH Mobile Response and Command products

Welcome to FIREHOUSE Software Mobile Response and Command customers! We are excited to welcome you into the Adashi Systems network.

Recent communications from Adashi should have informed you that the current FH Mobile Response and Command products were created by and are powered by Adashi. With the purchase of FIREHOUSE by ESO, all FH Mobile Response customers will become Adashi customers.

Please check this page and watch for future communications about updates to the current FH Mobile Response product.

Effective immediately Adashi will handle all customer service, technical support requests, billing, and contracts. If you are currently in the renewal process with ESO, please continue as planned. Moving forward, FH Mobile Response customers will be billed directly from Adashi when a support contract is due.  Your license and registration information will remain the same. We hope that the following page provides you with valuable information.

FH Mobile Response customers will also be upgraded to the latest version of our response software – Adashi FirstResponse MDT. This product has a dynamic, intuitive design to better help responders respond to and mitigate incidents. Learn more about Adashi FirstResponse MDT’s features here.

Welcome FH Mobile Response and Command Customers - Adashi FirstResponse MDT Software

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my upgrade?2018-05-22T11:52:28-04:00

We will be completing updates across all FHMR customers moving forward. We will reach out to you directly to schedule your upgrade.

Are there any additional costs?2018-05-22T11:52:38-04:00

No, FHMR customers will be upgraded to Adashi FirstResponse MDT and FIREHOUSE Software Command customers will receive both Adashi FirstResponse MDT and Adashi C&C at no extra cost. Support costs will remain the same as they are currently.

Will my FIREHOUSE interface change?2018-05-22T11:52:53-04:00

There will be no changes to your existing FIREHOUSE software interface. All customers will receive Adashi-branded products in addition to their existing systems.

Will our renewal process change?2018-05-22T11:53:04-04:00

Yes, going forward, you will see a separate renewal from Adashi. If you are currently in the renewal process with ESO, please continue as planned.

Will there be a new billing remittance?2018-05-22T11:53:13-04:00

You will receive bills directly from Adashi Systems based on your renewal date. Payments should be sent to:

Adashi Systems
101 N. Haven Street, Suite 301
Baltimore, MD 21224

How can I contact Adashi to receive more information?2018-05-22T11:53:23-04:00

You can contact Adashi directly via phone, email, support ticket, or live website chat. Please view our Contact Us page for more information.

Does Adashi offer additional products for Fire/Rescue agencies?2018-06-07T16:42:30-04:00

Yes, Adashi provides a full public safety platform for staffing, emergency response, incident command, and live incident mapping. Learn more via our product brochure. Click here to request a free online demonstration of any of the Adashi products.

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Adashi Systems will handle existing and future FH Mobile Response and Command support requests. Support is available via online support ticket, email, and phone. Customers with an active support contract have unlimited telephone and email access to Adashi technical support engineers during regular business hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Visit our support page for more information.

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Adashi offers a variety of training materials and formats to suit your department’s needs. While our software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, we always want our customers to feel comfortable using our products. Contact us to request a web demo with one of our representatives, access product training videos, or request a custom training program for your department. Our Community Forums and Knowledge Base are also available for all to use.

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You can contact us directly by the following means:

Phone: 1.877.563.9980
M-F 9:00 am to 5:00 pm – Eastern Time
Extension 1: Sales
Extension 2: Customer Support
Extension 3: Technical Support
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Welcome FH Mobile Response and Command Customers - Full Adashi Platform

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