Adashi FirstResponse MDT software

Adashi FirstResponse MDT Software

Revolutionary Incident Response Software

Adashi FirstResponse MDT

The first few minutes of incident response can make a crucial impact on life safety. That’s why public safety departments need Mobile Data Terminal or MDT software that gets them to the scene of an incident efficiently and safely with the information they need.

Adashi FirstResponse MDT is a revolutionary emergency response software product. The dynamic interface allows first responders to view and access mission-critical data, including navigation, pre-plans, and custom may layers – when they need it the most. Our one-of-a-kind incident response software provides public safety departments with all the data they need for a fast, coordinated, and intelligent response.

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FirstResponse MDT Software in Vehicle
Dynamic Information Dashboard

Mission-Critical Data on One Screen

Adashi FirstResponse MDT Software

Our MDT software was designed specifically to help emergency services personnel with their day-to-day duties. With our unique interface, responders can view all of their key information in one main critical information dashboard. No fumbling between maps or scrolling through screens on a moving vehicle.

When emergency responders are in a moving vehicle, they can easily access pre-plans, standard operating guidelines, checklists, local benchmarks, an editable Incident Action Plan (IAP), hazard predictions & modelling, AVL data, weather information, and more all from the main screen.

Everything first responders need is in a clear, easy-to-use format, specifically designed for public safety needs.


Old Mystic Case Study

Adashi’s MDT software also helps mutual aid partners share and access pre-plan data across jurisdictions. Check out our case study on the Old Mystic Fire Department for more information.

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Web-Independent Capabilities

No Internet? No Problem.

Learn about several specific Adashi FirstResponse MDT features that work regardless of connectivity – anytime, anywhere.

Locally-Stored Data

With direct interface to your records management system (RMS), emergency responders can see incident pre-plans, checklists, building information, and other critical data even if there is no Internet/cellular connection. All information is stored locally on the MDT device to make for quick and easy retrieval.

Reliable Communication

Using FirstResponse MDT, responders also can communicate with other units, pumps, or commanders at the scene within a specific radius regardless of cellular or radio service. Communication is reliable and consistent even if geographic or environmental hazards affect traditional communication channels.

Adashi FirstResponse MDT Software Jacksonville Fire

“The JFD uses Adashi for routing and electronic pre-fire plan review. The program works with our CAD system providing in-unit updated information about incidents while still responding. The crews can see all the information that dispatch has on the call as well as the routing information. The Adashi program is one of the most reliable applications that we run.”

David Jones - Training/Safety/Hazmat Officer, Jacksonville Fire Department
Read the full Jacksonville case study!

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The Complete Adashi Suite of Products

An Integrated Life-Cycle Management Solution

Adashi’s staffing, incident response, and incident command products seamlessly work together, giving public safety organizations an end-to-end tool.

From beginning to end, we keep your information secure and ensure that it’s recorded and transferred to the appropriate system.

Use Adashi to make the backend of public safety organized, efficient, and stress-free.

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Adashi FirstResponse MDT Software Suite of Products
Adashi FirstResponse MDT Software Suite of Products

FirstResponse MDT

Adashi FirstResponse MDT Software Suite of Products


Adashi FirstResponse MDT Software Suite of Products


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