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3 Myths About Emergency Response Software

When it comes to public safety technology, there are many misconceptions. These ideas can make public safety leaders hesitant to adopt new technology, because they’re worried about risks and poor results. Here, we’ll address three of the most common myths that we generally hear about emergency response software. Myth 1: Emergency response software will slow down response times because my team doesn’t know how to use it. During an incident, every second matters. Some public safety agencies are concerned that technology [...]

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How Visual Data Impacts the Fire Service

When dealing with emergency incidents, public safety commanders and first responders often have to make split-second decisions. While most fire and police departments communicate via radio, having access to visual information can help agencies manage and respond to incidents more effectively. According to a 2014 study published by MIT, neuroscientists found that the brain can process images that your eyes see for as little as 13 milliseconds. These findings match other data that suggests humans can identify and understand [...]

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