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The Key Benefits of Public Safety Apps

Increasingly, companies are creating mobile applications for the emergency services industry. What benefits can these public safety apps bring to first responders and the general public? Below, we will explore how apps are affecting public safety operations and why they’re growing in popularity. What Are Public Safety Apps? Public safety apps are any computer software program designed to assist emergency responders and other public safety personnel. Currently, there are public safety apps designed for a variety of different uses. [...]

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4 Ways Digital Firefighter Staffing Makes Vacation Management Easier

Firefighting, law enforcement, and other stressful public safety roles often see high levels of burn out. One way to combat this is through appropriate scheduling of vacation time and paid time off (PTO). However, vacation management can be a major burden on the shift officer. Ensuring that the correct number of people and skillsets are scheduled for every shift can be a tiresome and time-consuming process. If the administrator makes even one mistake, then trucks won’t be able to [...]

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