What’s New in Firefighter Safety Technology

Firefighting is often a dangerous profession. However, several innovations in firefighter safety technology aim to better protect first responders from the hazards they face on the job. Below, we’ll discuss a few of the methods being used by firefighting departments around the world to improve the health and safety of their staff. Detect Thermal Conditions Firefighters can face a variety of hazardous situations. However, some new technologies are precisely designed to monitor changing conditions. The Department of Homeland Security [...]

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3 Ways Fire Accountability Software Improves Responder Safety

First responders face a variety of hazards. Knowing where crews are can have an important impact on making sure that responders get home safely. Many cutting-edge technologies, including fire accountability software, are helping improve responder safety. Here, we’ll touch on a few of these technologies specifically designed around accountability and consider the impact they’re having on fire operations. View Crew Location One of the main responsibilities of company officers and commanders at an incident is to keep track of [...]

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What Maydays Teach Us About Fire Ground Strategies

Maydays and line of duty deaths are always terrible situations. Last month, FIREHOUSE published a article on the May 2017 misfortune in which a San Antonio Fire Department firefighter lost his life. This tragedy demonstrates that the wrong combination of factors can quickly spiral out of control. How can departments prepare for such dangerous situations, especially with unknown factors at play? While mayday situations are never completely avoidable, many agencies are taking steps to evaluate their fire ground strategies [...]

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How Public Safety Solutions Protect First Responders from 5 Common Hazards

As first responders, we encounter many hazards in our day-to-day operations. However, there are many public safety solutions that work to mitigate these risks and improve our safety. As a former career firefighter, I have seen firsthand how many of these technologies can assist first responders. Below, I’ll explore a few of the ways these technologies are working to help Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement better perform our duties. 1) Hazard Identification When emergency services staff respond to an [...]

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Following 9/11: Strides in First Responder Technology to Prevent Injuries and LODDs

As September 11th approaches, we remember and honor all the first responders who perished in the line of duty that horrific day in 2001. I remember being at the Clive Fire Station that day in Iowa, watching the horror unfold in New York. Seventeen years later, many advances in first responder technology have been specifically created to prevent injuries and reduce line of duty deaths (LODDs). As we remember this tragic day, we’ll delve into several pieces of technology that have been [...]

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The Real Meaning Behind Mission-Critical Software

The term “mission-critical software” gets tossed around in the emergency services industry, but what does that term mean for modern public safety agencies? “We provide mission-critical solutions” “Capturing mission-critical data” “This device is for mission-critical applications.” “Mission-critical” is used in broad contexts, to describe a variety of applications, devices, and information.  Below, we discuss what it really means to be “mission-critical” and how public safety departments can determine if their software systems are making the cut. Defining Mission-Critical Software [...]

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Are We Doing Enough to Protect Our First Responders?

While many see first responders as our real-life superheroes, that doesn’t make them invincible. Firefighters, police officers, and EMS personnel respond to and manage terrifying, demanding situations daily. While the emergency response industry has always involved a high level of danger and stress, the nature of many incidents today can make it even more difficult for first responders to perform their duties while maintaining their own safety. While many departments across the country have implemented measures to promote first [...]

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3 Reasons We Support Safety Stand Down

Every year, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) come together for Safety Stand Down, formerly called the International Fire/EMS Safety & Health Week, an international event focused on improving and maintaining firefighter health and safety. Departments around the world are encouraged to provide education, training, and other services and resources to their staff. This year’s Safety Stand Down is going on right now, from June 17-23, and here at Adashi Systems, [...]

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