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What’s New in Firefighter Safety Technology

Firefighting is often a dangerous profession. However, several innovations in firefighter safety technology aim to better protect first responders from the hazards they face on the job. Below, we’ll discuss a few of the methods being used by firefighting departments around the world to improve the health and safety of their staff. Detect Thermal Conditions Firefighters can face a variety of hazardous situations. However, some new technologies are precisely designed to monitor changing conditions. The Department of Homeland Security [...]

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Are Your Emergency Response Systems Ready for a Major Disaster?

When a catastrophic weather event comes to your jurisdiction, is your agency prepared to handle it? Many department leaders would probably say “Yes”, but their emergency response systems may actually be behind the times. Many technological advances now help first responders and crews better handle and contain incidents during a major weather disaster or other catastrophic event. Below, we’ll expand on several of the tech areas agencies across the world are falling short when it comes to large-scale emergencies. [...]

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