9 Questions to Ask When Buying Crew Scheduling Software

When public safety agencies begin researching crew scheduling software, it’s important for them to learn about the specific capabilities of different programs. Otherwise, they might end up with a staff scheduling option that doesn’t meet their department’s full scope of needs. Luckily, crew scheduling software providers generally offer multiple opportunities for department leaders to ask questions and see the product in action. Below are several key questions public safety leaders should always ask when they are buying staffing software [...]

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4 Ways Digital Firefighter Staffing Makes Vacation Management Easier

Firefighting, law enforcement, and other stressful public safety roles often see high levels of burn out. One way to combat this is through appropriate scheduling of vacation time and paid time off (PTO). However, vacation management can be a major burden on the shift officer. Ensuring that the correct number of people and skillsets are scheduled for every shift can be a tiresome and time-consuming process. If the administrator makes even one mistake, then trucks won’t be able to [...]

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4 Signs You Need New Department Scheduling Software

For many public safety administrators, chiefs, and shift commanders, ensuring correct staffing can take up a big portion of their time. Managing daily staffing, vacation, sick day, and overtime requests can be complicated and time consuming. But when your department has been using the same scheduling software for years, how can you tell that you need new staff scheduling software? We’ll delve into a few of the key warning signs that your scheduling process is outdated and you’re due [...]

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Fire Department Staffing: 3 Practices to Leave in 2018

For many agencies, fire department staffing takes up a great deal of time and energy. Getting the right number of people on shift and making sure that rigs meet minimum staffing requirements can be a huge hassle. As we approach the new year, it is always a good time to evaluate what in your department could use some improvements. Here, we’ll discuss three fire department staffing practices that agencies need to get rid of as they modernize and innovate [...]

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Fire Department Scheduling Software: Avoid These 4 Hidden Costs

When agencies purchase fire department scheduling software, it is important to ensure that your provider is relaying the final cost up front. Agencies buying Adashi RollCall – our staff scheduling and overtime management platform – know exactly what they’re receiving. However, we’ve seen that other providers on the market are not always so transparent. Sometimes, software vendors will quote agencies at a low cost, but the ultimate price ends up being much higher. Below, we’ll detail several of the [...]

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What Recent Pilot Shortages Show Us About Public Safety Scheduling Software

When people think about technology for public safety departments, they probably think about modern equipment, updated vehicles, improved communication systems – things like that. What they might not realize is that public safety scheduling software can have a big impact on emergency responders and prevent significant issues. Recent scheduling problems across other industries have highlighted the importance of avoiding shortages and filling breaches quickly. Below, we’ll expand on how scheduling software helps departments avoid common pitfalls and prevent last-minute [...]

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[Infographic] How First Responder Scheduling Software Saves Lives

When we think about first responders saving lives, the first thing that comes to mind is response – performing a search and rescue, dealing with a medical emergency, fighting a fire. One factor that many people don’t consider is first responder scheduling, or making sure the correct people with the necessary qualifications are on duty and ready to respond. First responder scheduling can have an enormous impact on how incidents are managed and prevent loss of life. Check [...]

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Ditch the Paper: Why Your Department Needs Staff Scheduling Software

Scheduling takes money, time, and resources. All things that could be better spent elsewhere. Yet, so many fire and police departments still use pen and paper to create their schedules, even when there are more efficient methods available. Many public safety agencies are making the switch to staff scheduling software to ensure the correct number of first responders with the right qualifications are scheduled to respond to incidents. If your department is still using the old-fashioned method, check out some [...]

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