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Fire Department Staffing: 3 Practices to Leave in 2018

For many agencies, fire department staffing takes up a great deal of time and energy. Getting the right number of people on shift and making sure that rigs meet minimum staffing requirements can be a huge hassle. As we approach the new year, it is always a good time to evaluate what in your department could use some improvements. Here, we’ll discuss three fire department staffing practices that agencies need to get rid of as they modernize and innovate [...]

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What Maydays Teach Us About Fire Ground Strategies

Maydays and line of duty deaths are always terrible situations. Last month, FIREHOUSE published a article on the May 2017 misfortune in which a San Antonio Fire Department firefighter lost his life. This tragedy demonstrates that the wrong combination of factors can quickly spiral out of control. How can departments prepare for such dangerous situations, especially with unknown factors at play? While mayday situations are never completely avoidable, many agencies are taking steps to evaluate their fire ground strategies [...]

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