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Can Technology Affect Incident Command Strategy?

Incident command strategy is a crucial part of managing any emergency. With more agencies adopting electronic incident command boards and other software, how might this technology affect the tactics they use? Here, we’ll explore a few important ways that technology can directly impact the strategies employed by public safety incident commanders (ICs). Real-Time Decision-Making Real-time updates can have a significant effect on incident command strategy. As conditions change at an incident, ICs must be prepared to adapt as needed. [...]

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How Incident Dashboards Affect Situational Awareness and Turn Out

Many public safety departments are implementing incident dashboards to display important information to everyone in the agency. Dashboards are often mounted publicly in the station on a television or computer monitor. This allows responders from all ranks and positions to learn about active incidents. There are many different styles of incident dashboards available, displaying everything from active incident details to real-time weather data. Here, we’ll briefly touch on some of the benefits that incident dashboards can bring to public [...]

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