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What Can Drones Teach Us About Public Safety Technology?

The public safety industry can be slow to start using new technology. But while fire and police departments are not always “early adopters”, public safety agencies around the world have started using drones to help with rescue, EMS, structure fires, and more. These experiences with drones can teach us interesting insights about the relationship between the emergency response industry and public safety technology. 1) Dynamic Industries The first thing we can learn from the growing usage of drones is [...]

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Adashi Systems Introduces Adashi Alert: A Digital Dashboard for Public Safety Agencies

Public Safety Technology Company Announces New Product to Join Integrated Software Ecosystem Baltimore, MD: Today, public safety software company Adashi Systems LLC announced the launch of its newest product: Adashi Alert. Adashi Alert is a full-scale digital dashboard that fire, police, and EMS agencies can use to track incoming incidents, receive key information from dispatch, and prepare for turn out. Adashi Alert’s revolutionary interface is designed to keep everyone in the station on the same page. The software can pull [...]

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