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3 Ways Fire Accountability Software Improves Responder Safety

First responders face a variety of hazards. Knowing where crews are can have an important impact on making sure that responders get home safely. Many cutting-edge technologies, including fire accountability software, are helping improve responder safety. Here, we’ll touch on a few of these technologies specifically designed around accountability and consider the impact they’re having on fire operations. View Crew Location One of the main responsibilities of company officers and commanders at an incident is to keep track of [...]

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How High-Tech Are Technologies for First Responders?

While many don’t associate cutting-edge gadgets with the public safety industry, technologies for first responders can be surprisingly complex and high-tech. Although individual departments can be more traditional, many vendors are creating innovative systems to assist with emergency response. Below, we’ll discuss a few pioneering technologies being used by first responders. Virtual Reality Virtual reality is “the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.” Virtual reality, also known as VR, is being used across the public safety [...]

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