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4 Public Safety Innovations We’re Thankful for This Year

As technology grows, we have seen several public safety innovations greatly impact the emergency services industry. Many of these modern inventions are designed to help first responders manage incidents more safety and efficiently. Below, we will address four of the most significant public safety innovations we’re thankful for this year. 1) Drones As we have discussed previously, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones are having a wide impact in the public safety industry. Increasingly, departments are using drones in [...]

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3 Reasons to Switch to an Electronic Incident Command Board

Incident command (IC) often uses a whiteboard or pen-and-paper to plan tactical strategy, create assignments, and track resources at the scene of the incident. Today, many departments are turning to incident command software as a modern and efficient way to manage incidents and events of all types. Below, I’ll discuss the benefits of the electronic incident command board and why ICs around the world are moving away from pen and paper for command. 1) Detailed Annotations When using a [...]

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