3 Ways Fire Accountability Software Improves Responder Safety

First responders face a variety of hazards. Knowing where crews are can have an important impact on making sure that responders get home safely. Many cutting-edge technologies, including fire accountability software, are helping improve responder safety. Here, we’ll touch on a few of these technologies specifically designed around accountability and consider the impact they’re having on fire operations. View Crew Location One of the main responsibilities of company officers and commanders at an incident is to keep track of [...]

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How High-Tech Are Technologies for First Responders?

While many don’t associate cutting-edge gadgets with the public safety industry, technologies for first responders can be surprisingly complex and high-tech. Although individual departments can be more traditional, many vendors are creating innovative systems to assist with emergency response. Below, we’ll discuss a few pioneering technologies being used by first responders. Virtual Reality Virtual reality is “the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.” Virtual reality, also known as VR, is being used across the public safety [...]

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What Can Drones Teach Us About Public Safety Technology?

The public safety industry can be slow to start using new technology. But while fire and police departments are not always “early adopters”, public safety agencies around the world have started using drones to help with rescue, EMS, structure fires, and more. These experiences with drones can teach us interesting insights about the relationship between the emergency response industry and public safety technology. 1) Dynamic Industries The first thing we can learn from the growing usage of drones is [...]

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Adashi Systems Introduces Adashi Alert: A Digital Dashboard for Public Safety Agencies

Public Safety Technology Company Announces New Product to Join Integrated Software Ecosystem Baltimore, MD: Today, public safety software company Adashi Systems LLC announced the launch of its newest product: Adashi Alert. Adashi Alert is a full-scale digital dashboard that fire, police, and EMS agencies can use to track incoming incidents, receive key information from dispatch, and prepare for turn out. Adashi Alert’s revolutionary interface is designed to keep everyone in the station on the same page. The software can pull [...]

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3 Myths About Emergency Response Software

When it comes to public safety technology, there are many misconceptions. These ideas can make public safety leaders hesitant to adopt new technology, because they’re worried about risks and poor results. Here, we’ll address three of the most common myths that we generally hear about emergency response software. Myth 1: Emergency response software will slow down response times because my team doesn’t know how to use it. During an incident, every second matters. Some public safety agencies are concerned that technology [...]

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How Visual Data Impacts the Fire Service

When dealing with emergency incidents, public safety commanders and first responders often have to make split-second decisions. While most fire and police departments communicate via radio, having access to visual information can help agencies manage and respond to incidents more effectively. According to a 2014 study published by MIT, neuroscientists found that the brain can process images that your eyes see for as little as 13 milliseconds. These findings match other data that suggests humans can identify and understand [...]

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The Key Benefits of Public Safety Apps

Increasingly, companies are creating mobile applications for the emergency services industry. What benefits can these public safety apps bring to first responders and the general public? Below, we will explore how apps are affecting public safety operations and why they’re growing in popularity. What Are Public Safety Apps? Public safety apps are any computer software program designed to assist emergency responders and other public safety personnel. Currently, there are public safety apps designed for a variety of different uses. [...]

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4 Signs You Need New Department Scheduling Software

For many public safety administrators, chiefs, and shift commanders, ensuring correct staffing can take up a big portion of their time. Managing daily staffing, vacation, sick day, and overtime requests can be complicated and time consuming. But when your department has been using the same scheduling software for years, how can you tell that you need new staff scheduling software? We’ll delve into a few of the key warning signs that your scheduling process is outdated and you’re due [...]

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What Does Situational Awareness Mean in 2019?

Research indicates that enhanced situational awareness helps emergency responders more efficiently and safely perform their duties. As terms like “big data” enter the public safety industry, what does this mean for first responders and how can it affect situational awareness?  What kind of information can responders gain from digital technology, and which information sources are relevant for response?   In the following article, we will explore what modern situational awareness looks like and how the industry is changing the way responders can access [...]

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Adashi Systems Launches Integration with EPR’s Fireworks Records Management System

Premier Public Safety Software Companies Form Joint Partnership to Streamline Data for First Responders Baltimore MD: Today, public safety software company Adashi Systems announced a new partnership with EPR Systems, a company which specializes in records management systems and business intelligence for fire and emergency medical services agencies. This direct connection between Adashi’s staffing software, Adashi RollCall, and EPR Systems’ records management system, Fireworks, will allow departments to automatically view real-time roster and staffing data from Adashi [...]

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